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NBA 2K20 For PC (Windows and Mac)-Download

NBA 2K20 For PC

Surely you love summer as much as I do. But, like me, you are also eager for the end of the summer season, to start the main sports leagues around the world. And among all of them, the NBA is always one of the most anticipated. As happens every year, the guys from Visual Concepts bring us their particular adaptation of the most spectacular basketball competition on the planet. Welcome to NBA 2K20 For PC.

As we know, NBA 2K20 is the delivery corresponding to the 2019-2020 season of the acclaimed basketball simulator. This title, which marks two decades since the beginning of the franchise, once again demonstrates why this saga is considered, unanimously, as the best series of basketball simulators that has ever existed in the history of video games.

NBA 2K20 For PC

It’s amazing how the 2K and Visual Concepts guys get what seemed impossible and overcome one year after another. When we thought last year’s delivery was already perfect, they arrive with NBA 2K20, and they curl again to get an even better title.

In addition to the well-known player and template update, numerous new features come into play in NBA 2K20, such as a graphics engine update that makes games look like real sports broadcasts, new animations to enhance the realism of the game, a surprising story mode that transcends of the basketball courts themselves.

About NBA 2K20 For PC:

NBA 2K is a basketball simulator and much more. It has excellent graphics and unique gameplay where player’s movements, the number of game modes and the wide customization of the entire game predominate.

NBA 2K20 For PC

Among its modes we have:

  • MY CAREER: Starring figures like Rosario Dawson, and many NBA stars, current and legends, to encourage you to live this adventure that we all know.
  • THE MORNING NEIGHBORHOOD: Play basketball in the neighborhood, and unlock animations, or play on a golf course and get a totally exclusive team.
  • YOUR OWN PLAYER: Create your own player and customize it like never before.
  • WELCOME TO THE WNBA: In an exclusive, you can use the 12 WNBA teams with more than 130 players.
  • My TEAM: Where you collect fantasy cards and have goals to level up, you will have events of all kinds with rewards.

Player Reviews + Suggestion:

Remember NBA 2k16 mobile, yeah I think I would like to see It like that again, this game is cool but I can be better. I think that the thing to unlock legends is not good because we want to play with legends but it’s not worth it at all to do all those connections because it takes a year.

The archetypes are not good because I would like to see archetypes like in the console or in NBA 2k16 mobile because they are very expanded. The shot meter is way bad because we miss greens a lot and in the console, there is no chance of missing it and in the console, it looks good with the bar.

NBA 2K20 For PC

The cyber face of some players must be changed, especially Luka Doncic he looks way better in the console and the overalls need to change: Luka Doncic is having a 30 point triple-double season and he is only 92.

Devonte Graham is a Most Improved player candidate and he is only 69 and Kendrick Nunn is a Rookie of the year candidate and he is only 70. The badges haven’t been changed for a long time I would like to see Ankle Breaker, Quick First Step, Rebound Chaser, etc.

I would like to choose my badges like in the console and we can only have exclusive badges and badges that are hard to unlock. The dribbling is very good and it looks smooth but it’s very hard to break ankles even with badges. I know this game can be better and I know 2K20 can do it.


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Download NBA 2K20 For PC / Mac:

To install NBA 2K20 on your PC you need to have an android emulator that supports playing the game on your computer. We recommend the use of Bluestacks. How to use BlueStacks to play NBA 2K20 on PC / Mac.

NBA 2K20 For PC

Use alternatives if you experience any problem in running an emulator.

BlueStack Alternatives: Nox Player EmulatorFor PCiPadian-iOS Emulator

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