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Mario Kart Tour For PC (Windows & Mac)

Mario Kart Tour For PC

Hey, Welcome to a brand new blog about Mario Kart Tour. Yes, Mario Kart Tour which becomes popular worldwide in a very short span. If you are a fan of Mario Kart like I am, and have been playing it since the Super Nintendo, this game is right up your alley. If you want more wonderful experience then download Mario Kart Tour on your PC and double your enjoyment. In this article, I am gonna show you how you can play Mario Kart Tour For PC, Windows, and Mac.

Mario Kart Tour For PC

Mario Kart Tour is an Action Game which is developed by Nintendo Co., Ltd. Thanks to Nintendo who always work to please their players. From what I can tell, this Mario Kart Game is amazing. I love the added effect of karts and characters and the added bonuses. The renders for the characters seem to be a little fuzzy, and some textures are fuzzy, but that is a minor thing.

Mario Kart Tour Review:

This game is great, pure joy. I definitely love the fact that this is not a pay-to-win game. Everything you need to progress, you can get it by playing and skills. The major league, 250cc, you have to buy it, but if it’s about having fun, nothing else is required. Graphics are rad, the gameplay is beautiful, replayability is always granted (need face the same opponents twice). This game is pure Nintendo quality. Give it a try.

So excited! I was worried about Mario Kart in a mobile format, but this is excellent in every way I can think of. Controls take some getting used to, even though it is pretty self-explanatory. Helps that I’ve played a ton of Mario Kart in my day. Slide your thumb left to go left, slide it right to go right. Not sure why this seems so counterintuitive at first lol. Having a blast already.

Controls took a little getting used to, but eventually feels just like playing on a console while in-game. As many other reviewers point out, it would be nice to have a horizontal mode (currently only supports vertical orientation) especially also with gamepad support, but it’s more than playable as is. It’s single-player only for now, but multiplayer is being promised in a future update.

Mario Kart Tour For PC

As a Mario Kart Veteran coming from MKDS, this game is a welcome addition to the Mario Kart series. For starting out, it has a decent amount of tracks before it starts repeating itself, and even then, there’s enough variation to keep it from getting boring. However, the controls and orientation give veterans one heck of a learning curve, but players eventually get used to it. New York Minute is an amazing track, though, please put it in the next Mario Kart.

Download Required:

Google Play Store

App Store

Mario Kart Tour Features:

  • Mario Kart takes a world tour.
  • Endless Mario Kart fun at your fingertips.
  • Nab 1st place with items and Frenzy mode.
  • Collect drivers, karts, badges, and more.
  • Bonus challenge courses put a twist on traditional races.
  • Race to increase your online rank.

How to Download Mario Kart Tour For PC:

To be able to enjoy Mario Kart Tour on PC, it is necessary to use a good Android or iOS emulator. As you probably know, there are many of them on the market, but we have a slight preference for BlueStack or Nox App Player. So start playing Mario Kart Tour after installing anyone you want. Download it from these links: Bluestacks App Player| Nox App Player.

Launch Emulator and you will be taken to the emulator’s home page. Then launch the Google Play Store and search for “Mario Kart Tour”. All you have to do is download it by clicking on the “install” button.

Mario Kart Tour For PC

The operation should only take a few seconds. If necessary, you can also retrieve the game’s APK. Once Mario Kart Tour is installed, find your game in My Apps.

Mario Kart Tour For PC

Start the game and enjoy it on your computer. We recommend that you configure the keyboard keys to better adapt to the game controls.

My Opinion:

When I first saw that Nintendo was releasing Mario kart on mobile is the best news I’ve heard so far as in mobile games couldn’t get any better. Don’t get me wrong the gameplay of the game is really fun the best experience also with the main menu and the shop all those features are really nice for. Then when I come to find out I have to upgrade the karts and the gliders and characters It’s alright I don’t have a problem with it.

On what I do is that it would be better if we were allowed to get a little more coins than we do the same thing with the gems just feels like I’m not getting enough for the items in the shop. Another thing is I wish there weren’t that many limits to stuff and wish we could get a little more rewards in the game like items to upgrade and more coins, same with the gems.

Just hope these things would happen in later updates and another thing that would make the game a little better don’t end up making the game be a “pay to win the game” that would make the experience even better. Hopefully, more characters are added in the game and karts, gliders, maps and the multiplayer hope it’s like the same experience like the Nintendo switch but besides that great game lots of fun something really new.

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