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iPadian For PC-iOS Emulator

iPadian For PC

iPadian is an iPhone/iPad emulator for Windows PC. It is a free program with which you can open and manage applications (apps) built for iPad, directly on your PC.

iPadian runs on Windows with the support of Adobe AIR. Once downloaded and installed on Windows, if we open the program to full screen, we will see how the PC becomes the screen of an iPad.

iPadian is interesting to try iPhone/iPad apps in Windows, although the program has restricted access to the Apple Store, and is not compatible with all iPad applications. As a starting point, it’s fine, but it still has to evolve.

About iPadian For PC:

Once you run iPadian, you’ll see an interface that blends Mac OS and iOS features. At the bottom of the screen, there is a shortcut bar – like the Dock on Apple computers. Through this mechanism, the user has access to a chat, an email manager, a WebKit browser and some Windows directories (“Photos”, “Documents”, “Computer” and “Desktop”).

In turn, at the top of the window of this program, the user checks the status of his internet connection and the time. In addition, in the options in the upper right corner, it can switch between the screens of open service. Run the application in full screen, and close one or all of the running services.

Services for all activities on the PC:

iPadian has services for most of the activities normally performed on the computer. All the applications offered by this program are arranged in the central section of your interface.

While displaying application icons available on iPad, this software ends up redirecting you to online services – avoiding installing a long list of programs. For example, for you to communicate, it’s interlinked with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, an email manager, and a chat.

As far as entertainment is concerned, iPadian has music player, picture editors, e-book reader, radio, TV broadcast, piano simulator and various games (including the popular Angry Birds).

iPadian For PC

As a general utility, the application provides a WebKit browser, YouTube access, The New York Times news summary, an iOS-like notepad, a file sharer, and a virtual phone – that works only for US calls.

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Our Opinion on iPadian For PC:

iPadian is an interesting application for those who want to know a little about the features offered by the iPad. It has a well-organized interface, very attractive and can be executed in full-screen features that promote an uncomplicated and pleasant interaction.

Simple and practical, the program is easy to use and requires no change / configuration. To run, iPadian needs the machine to already have Adobe Air installed. In it, you can find a huge variety of application and game options that are commonly found on the iPad.

Download Required:

Download iPadian

Pros & Cons:


  • No installation required.
  • Full-Screen View.
  • Uncomplicated functionality.
  • Organized and attractive interface.


  • Slower web browsing.
  • Not all redirected services worked.

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