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ID Please For PC (Windows and Mac)-Free

ID Please For PC

Want to become a boss and rule in a bossy style then download ID Please For PC. ID Please is a new Casual Game which is developed by Lion Studios. The idea of the game is to accept and reject people from a night club and earn money to upgrade your house. Earn stars to upgrade the look of your player. The glitches in the game when it says to reject certain things however you actually have to accept it, etc. As the new bouncer of the club, you decide who enters and who doesn’t. Put your judgment skills to the test. Fun and easy to pick up and play.

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ID Please is a unique game with exciting Characters. Meet your unique characters and Decide who makes the cut. No one under 21 and No drunks allowed. So, be careful and make your day with fun gameplay of ID Please For PC.

ID Please For PC

Players Review:

Great game:

I don’t know what other people are talking about, this game is great. I’m able to play with no problem, you’re able to see the ID clearly and you can tell if the ID is fake. It’s a pretty simple game but it a good way to pass the time, I’ll be playing it often and encourage others to play.
ID Please For PC

Why missing one star??

So, this game is seriously fun. I gotta be honest. The one problem I have is the ads. Every time I end a level, there is an ad. Nobody wants to see ads. We want to play the game. If this game really needs those annoying and stupid ads, then why not put an ad every once a while. Not constantly. Doing this could get that one star.

Suggestion for Developer:

So, as I said in the title, it is generally a pretty good game. Just a few things to make this up to 4 or 5 stars. First, I’m one of those people who like to put on their own music when playing a game like this and they turn the music off in the settings. The problem is, whenever an add that I can’t control pops up and I exit out, it starts the game’s music again and says it’s turned off! Then my music and the game’s music is playing at the same time and I have to get rid of the tab, restarting my progress.

ID Please For PC

My next problem is how after almost every single round, and add that you can’t control pops up. And, as I said, restarts the music. But also, there are way too many adds. I’m not trying to complain like, “OMG THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE DON’T GET IT I HATE IT SO MUCH” No. I don’t do that. But I’m just someone with a lot of patience, which is why I don’t hate the game, just asking for a few updates. I understand why you need to put adds into these games, but please note that many. Thank you for reading and hopefully, you take this into consideration.

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Download/Install ID Please for PC, Windows 10,8,7:

  • First, you have to Download BlueStacks Emulator on your PC.
  • Install BlueStacks. By following instructions in our tutorial.
  • After installation, click on download options and run the emulator.
  • Enter required details of BlueStacks such as Language, Date & Time, WiFi and Google Account.
  • Now it will show you the main menu screen of BlueStacks.
  • Click on My Apps Tab, Select System Apps and Open Google PlayStore.
  • Search ID Please in PlayStore and select the app from the results.
  • Click the Install button.
  • If you get any issue regarding downloading BlueStack then you can also try the Alternatives like Nox Player Emulator For PCiPadian-iOS Emulator.

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