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Geometry Dash For PC (Windows and Mac)-Download

Geometry Dash For PC

If you are a big fan of Arcade Games then you already know one of the most popular Geometry Dash. It came to our smartphone a few years ago but has become one of the mythical ones on both iOS and Android devices. Now download it on your PC, Windows, and Mac.

Actually playing Geometry Dash is not very complicated, we simply have to click on the screen of our mobile to get different movements with the vehicles. We cannot influence the speed of the vehicle, except in the speed portals.

Geometry Dash For PC

Although it seems like a simple task, the truth is that this fun game has great difficulty. As in other similar projects, the first levels are simple, fast and practical. They help us gain self-confidence and gain some skill with the dynamics of the game. However, as the levels pass, things get more complicated.


It is a game of 21 levels plus an extra one known as the Challenge. Music accompanies us during these levels and time is a crucial element. Although the game increases its difficulty, you do not need to pass each level to try the next one, although indeed, if you do not have enough experience, it will be very difficult for you.

If during the course of the game we hit an obstacle, we will have to start the level from scratch. One of our objectives is to get the three secret coins that are hidden in each level. With these coins, we can get new achievements.

Geometry Dash For PC

Of course, the game has not yet received a language translation. That means it will be available only in English. Although not necessarily that has to be an impediment to not download it. In fact, the menu is very simple and we will quickly get the meaning of the different warnings that will appear on the screen.

Download From Google Play

Download From App Store


  • A rhythm-based action game.
  • An almost impossible challenge is full of geometry.
  • Entertainment for hours.
  • You can unlock new icons and colors to customize your characters.
  • You can use practice mode to improve your skills before facing the final level.
  • No in-app purchase so you can enjoy the game for free.

If there is something we love about Geometry Dash, it is that it has a lot of new skins and colors to change the appearance of our character. This makes us more motivated to increase our score and thus achieve a greater number of stars and coins.

Geometry Dash For PC

So, we hope that you have been able to download Geometry Dash for free for both Android, iPhone or iPad without problems and that you are already enjoying the latest version of the game.

Download Geometry Dash for PC:

To download Geometry Dash For PC you have to download an Android/iOS emulator for PC. The full method is given below.

  • Download and install an Emulator for Android/iOS. The links are given below.

Bluestacks EmulatorNox Player Emulator / iPadian-iOS Emulator

  • Inside the emulator, we must open the Google Play store.
  • In the search engine, we will place Geometry Dash.
  • Among all the options that will appear, we must select the one that says “Geometry Dash “, which is its official version.
  • We click on the green button that says “Install”.
  • We wait for the download and installation of the application to finish and we click “Open”.
  • The game will start immediately as it would on the mobile device. This is a very simple, fast and secure way to obtain it for your computer.

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