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gDMSS Lite for PC (Windows & Mac)

gDMSS Lite for PC

gDMSS Lite for PCgDMSS Lite is a recently released tool which is developed by Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd. It is a very easily handleable and user-friendly app. A very useful app for business with multiple outlets. gDMSS Lite counts in one of those apps that become popular in a very short span only because of its uniqueness and reliability.

About gDMSS Lite for PC:

gDMSS is the surveillance software that you can install on your PC & Windows so that you have control of your digital security system literally in your hands.

Dahua Technologies is a company known worldwide and recognized for its control, security, and video surveillance devices. With the advent of new mobile technologies it is natural that, like other similar services, Dahua will launch an application to monitor and control the devices that this company offers.

gDMSS is the application for Android devices that allows users of Dahua devices to view the transmission of camcorders, control a video intercom, digital porters and alarm system. gDMSS is a remote monitoring and control application for your Android mobile devices. And you can also run this app on your PC very easily.

There are two versions of this application, the Plus version (which used to be paid) and the Lite version (free). This time we will tell you how to install and use the gDMSS Lite application from the PC.

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Keeping our home, our office or our business protected from strangers or malicious people is a necessity that Dahua technologies understand and serve through comprehensive security systems.

As part of this comprehensive service, the gDMSS application allows customers and users of this company’s monitoring systems to keep abreast of what happens when they are not physically there, through real-time control and visualization.

The transmission of the data is established thanks to a WiFi network, to which all the devices we are going to monitor must be connected.

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How to use gDMSS Lite for PC:

Using the application is very simple and the first thing you need is to add each device independently.

  • If it is the first time the application is used, it is necessary to define the country or geographical area.
  • Then open the three-bar menu and select the Device Ready option.
  • Once here click on the “+” sign to add a new device (it is important that all devices are turned on and connected to the internet).
  • Then select the type of device, Camera, Door or Alarm.
  • After selecting the device you must select how the data will be sent between the application and the device.
  • Once the type of connection is established, a series of data must be filled in, such as the serial number, the name that will be assigned to the device, username, password.
  • If a camera or a closed-circuit TV is being configured ( CCTV) in the Monitor and Playback option the video quality must be selected.
  • When you finish configuring you can start monitoring the devices.
  • For security it is important to change the password that is assigned at the factory during the registration of a new device otherwise it is possible that anyone has access to the security system.

The best thing about this application and what makes it a complete tool is that it allows:

  • Viewing of live video.
  • Navigating backward video.
  • Playback to review.
  • Copy or extract video files.
  • In turn, it is possible to store the recorded content directly to the cloud and when any of the alarm or recording devices detect suspicious events, instant alerts (or push) are received from the application.

Do not miss the opportunity and continue reading the next section so that you can use this application without problems using your PC.

How to install gDMSS Lite for PC?

gDMSS Lite is the free version of the Dahua Technologies Android application. This application works to manage and control security and control devices. However, if you want to monitor CCTV cameras with better image quality or just to be able to watch the video on a larger screen and with better sound, you can install the gDMSS Lite application on your PC.

gDMSS Lite for PC

To be able to install an Android application on the PC it is necessary to have an emulator. There are several program options that can perform an Android emulation, however we recommend you to use some of the versions of BlueStacks or Nox App Player .Since these softwares are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, which means that no matter what your operating system, you can emulate Android on any PC. Choose emulator that suits your operating system.

 Download Bluestacks App PlayerDownload Nox App Player.

gDMSS Lite datasheet:

gDMSS is an application for users of the control and surveillance devices of the Dahua company.

  • Free license
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher versions
  • Available in Spanish
  • The company offers support in English
  • Developer: Dahua Technology Co.

Advantages and disadvantages of gDMSS Lite

The advantages of using an application like gDMSS Lite is that:

  • We can keep an eye on our security and surveillance system practically everywhere and in a complete way as we can configure the system on the fly according to our requirements.
  • Real-time alerts are also a great advantage of this application.

The disadvantage of using an application like gDMSS Lite is that:

  • The app support is limited and is only in English. However, there are many tutorials and pages of security companies where information about this application is abundant.
  • A real disadvantage is in terms of performance since users have complained that the application has become really slow after the latest updates.

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