Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC-Download Free

Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC

If you are in a search of one of the best mobile racing game ever then your are on the right place. Whether you are younger, a teenager or even older you can enjoy it in your boring time. Drift Mania Street Outlaw Lite is an exciting racing game where you control street cars and you have to push, turn and go around the corners many times. The graphics are very good and not a simulation at all and they were just 3d arcade game graphics and the control gameplay is also awesome. Download now Drift Mania Street Outlaw Lite For PC and take your game to the next level.

Download It From Google Play Store.

 Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC

Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC Gameplay:

There are two ways: career and battle.

  • A career focuses on accumulating as many points as possible by dragging your car in time for tests. This is a bit boring as you have to run around empty tracks, but only after completing these courses can you switch to the next course.
  • In Battle mode, you have to compete against nasty players in a three-stage tournament. At each stage, you face another leader, and whoever finishes first moves on to the next stage. It’s a little busier than the career mode, but it’s also a lot more challenging. Suggestion (I found that the opposite cars regularly beat me. I struggled to keep my car on the track, avoiding the corners).

Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC

The light version has three tracks (two of which will need to be unlocked), but upgrading to the full game gives you access to nine more.

Sliding all the way:

Driving in Street Outlaws is very slippery. Around each corner, you will find any excuse to turn you around – a point encouraged by the addition of a parking brake on the Overspeed screen. This means that using the basic racing model will take some getting used to … especially if you want to beat another racer in battle.

On the plus side, there are many options. to adjust your controls. When you open the pause menu, you can select a slider or accelerator pedal control, a virtual steering wheel, or use the accelerometer to drive or adjust the sensitivity of all elements, in this way you can quickly find the correct balance for your own style of play.

 Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC

As you progress, you can unlock cars and upgrades. They are essential for future battles, but you will notice limitations for both in the main version.

Beautiful Cars body and Soundtrack:

The strongest points of the game are probably its graphics and soundtrack. Clean tracks and cars look great gliding around the world. This is absolutely true, especially when updating your car, adding various details and fixtures to make sure your race is unique.

The range of interface options and HUD elements also display well on the screen. This, combined with multiple viewing angles, ensures that you always have a good view of the action … unless advertising interferes.

The rap soundtrack and engine noise complete the package because it’s a game you‘ll want to play with your headphones.

Install Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite For PC/Windows:

To run any Android and iOS application on mobile, we have different stores to download this app (Like Google Play Store and App Store), the same is the case with PC or desktop applications. You have to download Emulators for PC, After that, you can install the Android and iOS app on your PC by using this emulator.

  1. Download Bluestacks Emulator
  2. Download Nox Player Emulator.
  3. iPadian-iOS Emulator
  • Download and install the Emulator on your PC.

 Drift Mania Street Outlaws Lite PC

  • Sign in or create a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use it to log in to Google Play.
  • On Google Play, search for the NVMS7000 App.
  • Click Install and enjoy the App on your PC.
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  • great soundtrack
  • good graphics
  • Excellent tilt controls


  • Long charging times
  • very large file

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