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Download Nox Player For PC-Free

Nox Player For PC

If you have not yet decided which is the best emulator to download for your PC, here we will give you all the information you need to know about the Nox Player for PC, so that you take into account the qualities that this emulator can offer you and in that way make the best choice among the many alternatives that can be complemented according to your needs and the means with which your PC counts.

Nox Player For PC

What is Nox Player?

Nox Player is a program used to simulate the operating system of an Android device on a PC. It is one of the most outstanding because its own system is based on version 4.4 Android .2. This system makes it compatible with most games and applications you’ll find on Google Play. In short Nox Player can offer you a complete experience between speed and stability.

Nox Player  For PC Features:

According to the needs of each user, we are sure that there will be an emulator suitable to meet the most particular requirements, that is why we will mention the most prominent features you can find in Nox Player.

Configuration of controls:

Now Nox Player also has the function of setting the game controls to taste, which allows the user greater comfort in terms of gameplay is concerned. Since it is possible to link the emulator with control of keyboards and control of gamepad with different Custom configurations for each game you have installed and so simple that you can do it at the same time you start playing. With this essential function, playing this emulator will be a great option.

External configuration:

A very special feature of Nox Player is the possibility of “root” and thus have more options both personalization and direct interaction between your PC and the emulator.

For examples exchange files like images and APK’s, while you can configure the consumption of RAM and also free storage space to avoid problems with the performance of the emulator, as well as your computer.

Requirements to download Nox Player:

These are the minimum and recommended requirements for you to install Nox player on your PC, remember that as these vary, the performance of the emulator will depend on it.


  • Operating system: Windows Vista or higher (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10).
  • Processor: Intel or AMD (dual-core).
  • RAM memory: 1GB.
  • Space in the Hard Disk: 1GB.
  • Graphics: Microsoft updated graphics drivers.


  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • Processor: Intel or AMD (of 4 or more cores).
  • RAM memory: 2GB.
  • Space in the Hard Disk: 4GB.
  • Graphics card: Intel, Nvidia, ATI or Onboard.

Download Nox Player For PC:

This application is compatible with computers with Windows 10 and Mac OS, the best of all is that you can download free of virus directly from the official website. One of the main advantages is that unlike other emulators is that so many add-ons are not installed and the installation process takes a couple of minutes. It also depends on the speed of the internet connection you have.

Download this emulator is very simple, we do not need to make any registration and we can find it completely free from its official website. All we have to do is click on the “Download” button that we will find immediately, then we will only have to wait for that the download finishes correctly.

You can find the download available for both Windows and Mac.

Download | Nox Player

How to install Nox Player For PC:

Installing Nox Player consists only of executing the file that we downloaded, for this, it is necessary to have the permissions as Administrator. After that a window will appear with the button “Install”  you have to click on the button and wait for the emulator to be installed, this it could take a few minutes.

Nox Player For PC

Finally, we have to look for the shortcut that will appear on the desktop and open it by double clicking, we wait for it to complete its internal configurations and we will have installed the emulator.

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