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Download Knighthood For PC (Windows and Mac)

Knighthood For PC

Knighthood is KING’s new turn-based action combat game with which this company wants to distance itself from its famous puzzles. A pure freemium game, but that is even able to hook anyone who hates this game model since it has enough elements to become one of the best of the year. Download Knighthood For PC, Windows, and Mac.

Knighthood For PC

It has several aspects to highlight and that will lay the foundation for future games. I don’t know how they have achieved it, but moving through the menus on the home screen is an experience that the rest of the companies could already imitate. 

The other two aspects, before going into detail, is the turn-based combat with dynamism and camera movement that we have not seen in other games and the great, but great, animation that the characters have and all living things that are move to Go for it.


The truth that KING has surprised us with Knighthood. First of all, approaching turn-based combat games when theirs has always been puzzles like Candy Crush Friends. And he does it in an excellent way to put ourselves before our hero who will face different enemies in three different rounds. 

Knighthood For PC

In each turn, we have four actions to perform, and that can be from a manual attack, that of one of our partners or the use of the huge iron glove that seeks powerful skills. After those 4 actions, it will be the enemy’s turn to be one for each of the members of the enemy team. 

What may seem at first something that we have seen before, thanks to the camera in the third person, incredibly worked animations and a camera that creates great dynamism in each of the hits, becomes an experience that only invites you to that you keep killing all the enemies of the rounds?

It is here that Knighthood demonstrates muscle and generates a unique experience; and that we have seen other action games in turn with that perspective in the third person. That said, this dynamic action, in turn, is based on animations that go hand in hand with quality Pixar animation movies such as Toy Story. 

Knighthood For PC

It is simply exciting and how close you can feel to your hero or those fighter companions, which are two, with skills that only with the movement of the character is a pleasure to witness them.

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Download Required:

Google Play Store

App Store

Players Reviews:

Gorgeous and smooth. Interesting combat system where you need to adapt and deploy hero accordingly to survive. Yes, there is some grinding but in a good way as weapons and heroes are abundant and it is super satisfying combining them to destroy enemies.

The energy system is just about right, and most of the time you can refill it to full by watching ads. Overall, I am really glad that I found this game. I have bought a package to support the developer. Keep up the good work.

Knighthood For PC

Awesome game. I really like the depth of it. Feels like something that should be available on a console. Lots of elements to the game to keep all types of players interested. I also like the simple, & cartoonish graphics. But they’re very detailed at the same time.

The fighting mechanics are nice, & not too complicated to master. The store and gems that require real money are pretty fair and you can play the game in a good quick hour with your free stamina without spending anything. Download Call of Duty Mobile On PC, Windows & Mac.

How to download Knighthood For PC:

To download Knighthood on your PC, you have to download the Android and iOS Emulator on your PC.

This emulator helps you to run Apps and Games on your PC. Here are some suggested Emulators for you.

After installing Emulator to your PC search The Game name on an emulator and install it.

Knighthood For PC

After installing enjoy Knighthood on your PC.

Editor’s opinion:

  • The best: your animations like Pixar movies.
  • The worst: there will come a time when the progression is slower.

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