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Brawl Stars For PC (Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac)

Brawl Stars For PC

Supercell has done it again and surprises the players with a new exciting game. After producing great hits from mobile games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, he returns to the fray with a new game called Brawl Stars. This fun shooter has come to Google Play / App Store completely sweeping. Due to this great demand, we have decided to make a tutorial for all those who can not play on their mobile at any given time and we will teach you how to install Brawl Stars for PC.

Brawl Stars For PC

First of all, you need to have a Windows computer. The download of the computer game will only work with a Windows computer (Windows 7/8/10 are all valid). Next, you will also need to have a PC with more than 2 GB of RAM. Most computers today have more than that, but if you’re not sure, it doesn’t matter, follow the tutorial and if you don’t have it the program will let you know, so you don’t lose anything.

Download Links:

Google Play Store

App Store

Players Review:

Been playing this game for months. It is very fun, addicting and quite challenging at times. It’s not difficult to play mechanical wise, and it’s not to hard to get the hang of. The rotating game events/modes are very fun, along with the changing shop characters and a variety of skins. I would strongly recommend this to anyone that needs a good time killer, wants to play something chill, or just likes competitive games. The only complaint is it be nicer to get coins a little bit faster.

A bit addictive, but it’s a very interesting game, as you getting your brawlers to the next level, it becomes to be more interesting, then you learn what brawler is more effective in the different battlefields. Overall not a game where you end up frustrated. For small that your progress could be, there is always a step ahead and that it lets you wondering, what would be there next? A good choice to expend some of the little spare time that anyone could have.

Brawl Stars For PC

This is an overall great game. It combines all kinds of aspects, like teamwork, strategy, and tactics. It provides a huge selection of characters each with different abilities to suit your playstyle. I’ve been playing for a good 2 years and I can say that Brawl Stars is probably one of the best mobile games on the google play store. Thank you for the great game, supercell.

How to install Brawl Stars for PC:

Well, to play Brawl Stars PC we will have to download a program called Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator for computers. It must be said that it is valid for any other game, be it Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds or even the famous Pou. However, in this case, we will focus on how to download Brawl Stars for PC.

Brawl Stars For PC

Once we have downloaded the program, we execute it and follow all the instructions as they come. At the end of the whole process, we will have Bluestacks installed. Now we just rip it off and look for Brawl Stars PC. The process does not end here, because Bluestacks requests that we connect with our Google account. What is this for? So that the progress, achievements, and missions completed on our mobile are synchronized on the computer. In this way, we can play away from home on our Android / iPhone and also arrive and play on the computer maintaining the same state.

Brawl Stars For PC

When you’ve synchronized your Google account, that’s it. You can now play Brawl Stars for a computer. Any questions, you can leave us a comment or send an email and we will try to help you in every way possible.

Download Required:

In addition, we must be attentive to our page in the coming days, as we will get tricks and guides to move quickly in the game.

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