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Install BolehVPN On PC (Windows & Mac)

BolehVPN On PC

BolehVPN is a VPN network service with which you can access free and secure internet browsing. A virtual private network ensures that you can access the internet without any restriction and in a secure way, with data encryption so that all your online activity and your identity are kept hidden. Download BolehVPN On PC and enjoy more.

BolehVPN On PC

About BolehVPN On PC:

Using BolehVPN is very simple since you only have to access the official page and select the plan with which you want to obtain access.

After the corresponding payment, you must download the application compatible with the device or devices you want to use, and immediately you can start browsing safely and freely.

Boleh VPN uses Perfect Forward Secrecy infrastructure with the latest SHA algorithm, 4096-bit Public Key Infrastructure, and military-grade encryption, the AES 256 bits. These features allow you to effectively protect any possible threat on the network.

In addition, to provide greater security, it uses a technological layer of obfuscation that masks the VPN’s traffic protocols, allowing the supervisions to not detect that you are using a virtual private network.

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When you browse the web you are not as safe as you think, you are exposed to hackers, unwanted advertisements, government oversight, etc. but with BolehVPN everything changes, it will give you the security you need.

Do not show your identity: With the use of the VPN your IP address will be hidden and one of the company’s IP addresses will be shown, the one you choose to browse, and thus no one will be able to access your identity.

Takedown censorship and restrictions: There are many countries or cities that do not allow access to certain content such as social networks, and there are also web pages that have geographical restrictions.

By using BolehVPN full you will connect to servers with different locations in the world. In this way, you can bypass all restrictions and access any content you want.

Keep your communications and files safe: With the use of a VPN network, all your data and files are encrypted, in this case with military-grade encryption.

BolehVPN On PC

Therefore no one will be able to access your information; The same happens with communications, no one will be able to intercept your communication with other people. All your online activity remains out of the reach of threats.

Use a secure WiFi network: Commonly when we go out we connect to wifi networks, whether for example in a cafe, in a restaurant, a library, etc. But these networks are public, therefore they are very vulnerable and your entire system is exposed.

By downloading BolehVPN you will be able to maintain maximum security, whether on public networks, as well as in your office or at home.

Nobody keeps records: Within the operating policy of the BolehVPN VPN network is the one to not keep records of the activity that users have online, nor to track the use of the internet.

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Thinking about the security and privacy of users, BolehVPN VPN installed its operations center far from the jurisdiction of FVEY countries, so there is no law that requires them to keep records.

Install BolehVPN On PC-Guide:


To be able to use the service you must register an account, in this case, there are no options to use BolehVPN for free since the plans are paid, but all new users will have the possibility to try the service for one day completely free of charge. Let’s see the available options:

BolehVPN On PC

  • 7-day protection plan: It costs $ 3.70 for the entire week.
  • 30-day protection plan: It costs $ 9.99 for the entire month.
  • 60-day protection plan: Billing is for two months at a cost of $ 16.99, which would make a monthly cost of only $ 8.40.
  • 180-day protection plan: Billing is for six months at a cost of $ 44.99, which would cost only $ 7.49 per month.
  • 365-day protection plan: Billing is for one year at a cost of $ 79.99, which would cost only $ 6.67 per month.


We have reached the end of the analysis that we have carried out for you, we have conclusion combined here so that you can finish making your decision:


  • It has 35 servers distributed in 13 countries that were strategically chosen and located in the most convenient places in the world for users.
  • You can use Bitcoin and anonymous platforms such as ZCash, Monero, Dash, and ZCoin for payment.
  • The interface is personalized and is very easy to use.
  • The servers on the VPN network are fully routed.
  • It has the ability to obfuscate traffic to hide network usage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • It has compatibility with macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • The customer service team works 24 hours.

Google Play Store Link / AppStore Link (Installation Process)

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