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Worms Zone .io For PC (Windows and Mac)-Free

If you are getting bored with like games then here is big news. Worms Zone .io is a perfect solution for you guys and a perfect timekiller. CASUAL AZUR GAMES recently launched Worms Zone .io which is full of Action. This game is ridiculously addictive and fun to play. It can be pretty mindless but also challenging for other players to come around.

Worms Zone .io For PC

Being aggressive and cutting people off it super satisfying. This game is good, both relaxing as you meander for food and exciting as you navigate through other players.

As your worm grows you accumulate points but if you use the speed up option it eats up points so the score lowers but the worm keeps its size. Other worms do tend to appear out of nowhere in front of you or sometimes even in the middle of my worm loop so that sucks if that’s a real player.

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Download Required:

Google Play Store

App Store

Players Reviews:

This game is awesome, smooth easy to control compared to another worm game this is the way much better. And I really like the ads management, you don’t have to pay anything to buy some coins or change skin, etc, just watch the ads and you will get coins as the compensation, that’s fair enough. I hope the developer always stays at the line, don’t change anything.

Worms Zone .io For PC

By far my favorite game. Its leisurely fun, yet intense. I love that the music overlaps with whatever other music you like to listen to. This game is near-perfection, appreciation goes towards the creative creators of this ridiculously time-consuming game. I will be buying coins, not for the cool designs or anything, but as gratitude towards how amazing this game is. If you’re bored and have too much time on your hands, this game is perfect.

Worms Zone .io For PC

Good game. Perhaps a guide to show what the bonus drinks each do… So far I know blue one is x5 and the pot of honey is Zoom Out. All the other ones I have no idea what they do. A guide somewhere in the game or main menu would be helpful.

How to download Worms For PC:

To download Worms Zone .io on your PC, you have to download the Android and iOS Emulator on your PC.

This emulator helps you to run Apps and Games on your PC. Here are some suggested Emulators for you.

After installing Emulator to your PC search The Game name on an emulator and install it.

Worms Zone .io For PC

After installing enjoy this Game.


  • Add a new version as we can play with our friends.
  • Make a room to play together.
  • Add to Play with Facebook friends

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