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Houseparty For PC (Windows and Mac)-Download

Houseparty For PC

Today we are going to see how we can download and use HouseParty  For PC, Windows, and Mac. One of the most popular apps in recent months and little by little is making space among so many alternatives in terms of instant messaging.

Houseparty For PC

Download HouseParty on Chrome:

The video call application is cross-platform, which means that users of Android, iOS, Windows and Mac can use it and communicate with each other.

We cannot deny that this is a great advantage since it is one of the ways to keep many people together without having to be depending on a specific device.

Another advantage is that you can use it in Chrome without having to download anything to your PC. All you have to do is install an extension in Chrome which takes less than 1 minute.

Houseparty For PC

Download Houseparty On Mobile:

In case you want to download HouseParty for Android and iOS you can do it from their respective stores. The way of working on both mobile devices and computers is very similar. After installing the app it is very easy to create an account:

Click on ” Sign Up “. You have to add a real email address since you will have to verify it. Add your name, then username, date of birth and password. In case you do not want to give all your data for a privacy and security issue. The only thing that matters is email.

Then it will ask you to add a phone number. However, it is not necessary to function since the app is managed with user names. So you can skip this step by pressing ” Skip ” in the upper right corner of the screen.

In case you want to know which of your friends uses HouseParty, something you could do is connect the app with your Facebook account, this way you can discover who of your friends uses the app and communicate through it.

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HouseParty More Settings:

Then you will have to see a contact list of the people who use the app. But the most important thing comes afterward where you are going to have to give him access to the camera and the microphone to be able to make video calls. It will also ask you for access to the location, although this is not so important or necessary.

Although the app is well known for the quality of video calls and calls. It can also be used to send normal text messages like any other application.

Houseparty For PC

Once you start a video call by sliding the screen from bottom to top you will see all the available options for it. If you press “Add” you can add more people to the conversation, you can also send messages or search for another user with their Nick.

Everything is in English so it is one of the great “drawbacks” of this app. However, once you start using it and pick it up quickly you get used to the options and you will be guided by the icons in case you do not know too much of English.

How to start a video call on HouseParty

  • Swipe the screen from bottom to top to see all available options.
  • Click on ” Join ” in the friends who are connected and with whom you want to make a video call.
  • Start the call to said contact, here you have to wait for the other person to answer.

Houseparty For PC

If you click on the microphone icon it will be muted, this also happens with the camera that will no longer be seen. At the same time, if you want the conversation to be private and nobody can join it, click on the padlock icon in the middle of the screen.

Houseparty For PC

Remember that HouseParty video calls are up to 8 people . They are quite fun, although a little complicated especially when everyone is talking at the same time.

How to download Houseparty For PC:

To download the Houseparty on your PC, you have to download the Android and iOS Emulator on your PC.

These emulators help you to run Apps and Games on your PC. Here are some suggested Emulators for you.

After installing Emulator to your PC search The App name on an emulator and install it.

Houseparty For PC

After installing enjoy this App on PC. Stay tuned with Techpcinfo and play your fav games and apps on your PC which you have not done before.

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