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Download Epic Privacy Browser For PC/Windows

Epic Privacy Browser For PC

Epic Privacy Browser is a web browser based on Chromium that allows you to surf without leaving (or leaving a minimum) traces, whether on the client computer or on the Internet. Download Epic Privacy Browser For PC and Windows and enjoy your unlimited security and privacy.

The browser does not save any data (history, research, etc.) and does not allow tracking. It allows the use of an encrypted proxy, blocks cookies, uses HTTPS by default, and the Epic search engine which includes, itself as an encrypted proxy.

Therefore the user can consider that he is surfing in a completely private way. Understand by this that neither the pages that he consults, nor his course, nor his behavior or his research can be observed.

Epic Privacy Browser For PC

To download this fast and secure privacy browser you have to meet some basic requirements. It is capable of Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. The latest version of Epic Privacy Browser is 84.0.4147.105 and the download file is 1.7MB in size.

Install Epic Privacy Browser For PC/Windows:

There are some details about this download. Keep it in your mind and read it carefully So, there will be no remaining doubt.

  • The file will be downloaded from the author’s server.
  • This file is scanned with¬†antivirus apps So, it is safe and secure for your PC.
  • All files are in their original form.

Link: Download Epic Privacy Browser For PC and Windows

Final Verdict:

Epic is an easy-to-use browser that provides a clean environment, excellent browsing speed, and several powerful tools designed to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet.

Since the source code is based on Chrome, the layout shouldn’t be surprising to most users accustomed to Chrome’s intuitive GUI.

Download it now on your PC and surfing in a secure environment and enjoy your unlimited privacy.

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