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Download Slap Kings On PC (Windows and Mac)

Slap Kings On PC

After a long time, Gameguru brings with a new Action Game Slap Kings. Gameguru is usually known for its challenging and Exciting Racing Game. But this time players experienced some new Action and Thrill in Slap Kings. You have to Slap your opponents to be the best slapper. Each turn you and your opponent slap each other and whoever slaps harder make the history. Try to become the world’s best slapper. Download Slap Kings On PC, Windows 7/8/10 and Mac.

Slap Kings On PC

About Slap Kings On PC:

Do you have a mood problem? Or does having enough problems make your motivation decrease when doing activities? If so, you can try this one exciting game.

Slap Kings is an Android-based game that seems appropriate for you to play when you are in a bad mood. Because in the game you can see some silly expressions of the characters you play.

In slap kings, your mission is to defeat your opponent with one strike. But attacks can occur several times when you can’t defeat them with just one hit. Slap kings seem to be inspired by one of the real-world games, slapping each other in turns. The rule is, who survives to the end then he is the winner.

Slap Kings On PC

In the Slap Kings game, you also have the same rules and missions. You must defeat your opponent with the attacks you do. Attacks can be very weak or very strong. It depends on the strength you give. Now you can see the strength of the indicator that moves like roulette. when the roulette needle is pointing to the centerline, the punch you can give will be very hard.

As a result, you will see the opponents live to be reduced by a few percent. If you continue to get a needle pointing to the middle of the roulette, it will speed up the game. Because you will get a strength large enough to attack the opponent and the opponent will be defeated quickly.

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Download Required:

Google Play Store

App Store

Players Reviews:

So after finding this game on Facebook, I decided to give it a shot, it’s actually pretty fun, get to smack the living crap out of the characters. But there is a catch as always in order to power up. I have to watch a 30-second video completely to get a ton of power points. It’s a bit annoying but my character is unstoppable only need to hit them 2x and knock them out. Maybe you guys can make the videos only 15 seconds? But other than that, great game.

Game is fine there’s no off sync with the slap, there’s just an in-game delay which is intentional with the slap. It’s to make it harder on the slap and you have to time it right, these people crying about it think it’s a game issue lmao.

Hilarious. Not sure about all the poor reviews but I’ve had zero issues with collecting rewards by watching ads and no problems with power meter sensitivity.

How to get Coins in Slap Kings:

To get Coins in slap kings is quite easy. Because in the match you do, you will get a number of coins when you win the game.

The number of coins you get varies and continues to increase each time you win the game. For example, when you win the first time you will be given a coin reward of 100, for the second time you will be given 200 and so on.

When you lose, you can also still get coins. coins that you can get when you lose are around 75 coins.

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How to download Slap Kings For PC:

To download Slap Kings on your PC, you have to download the Android and iOS Emulator on your PC.

This emulator helps you to run Apps and Games on your PC. Here are some suggested Emulators for you.

After installing Emulator to your PC search The Game name on an emulator and install it.

Slap Kings On PC

After installing enjoy this Game.


Slap Kings is a fairly entertaining game, its mission is simple but does not eliminate the excitement when playing it. Coupled with funny expressions when attacked by opponents to make those who play it entertained.

Thus our discussion about how to play Slap Kings on PC, Exciting Game Defeat Opponents With One Punch. I hope this information is helpful. Don’t forget to keep visiting so you don’t miss the latest Games and Apps news. See you in the next article.

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