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Clash Royale For PC (Windows and Mac)-Free

Clash Royale For PC

Clash Royale for PC is a freemium real-time strategy video game that intuitively mixes the genres of collectible card games, tactical tower defense games, and multiplayer online battle arena games that have found great popularity in the mobile market.

After its launch in early 2016, this game became a worldwide phenomenon and managed to reach more than $ 1B in revenue during its first year of operation. Over the next few years, the game received numerous updates. Economic balances that allowed players to immerse themselves in new game modes, new tactical card spells, structures and more.

Clash Royale For PC


Described primarily as a “towers” game. The primary game mode of Clash Royale for Desktop is 1-minute or 2-on-3 online games lasting 3 minutes in which players have the task of protecting their defensive towers. Inflicting enough damage to destroy more structures of the opponent. Bring down his Tower of the King, which would result in an instant victory.

At the end of the 3-minute limit, the game will examine the status of all player’s towers. The game will go into overtime and sometimes in a rare draw. In addition to playing solo or duo, Clash Royale also supports clans (with space for up to 50 players) and Clan Wars.

Clash Royale For PCThe game involves activating card spells (which can summon troops, structures or fire magic spells), which require an appropriate number of elixirs to play.

The deck of cards consists of only 8 cards, which users can choose before the start of the game of the currently available group of cards.

The game was originally launched with 48 separate cards in common, rare and epic rarities. Having regular expansions that introduce new cards, rarities, ability to level up, decks of affordable emoticons and swap cards.

The entire Clash Royale cycle is fast, energetic, very tactical and due to the presence of a generous store in the game, sometimes oriented more towards premium players.

In addition to the incredible popularity that this game achieved on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Clash Royale can also be experienced on PC through the advanced emulation of Android.

This way, you can continue playing even when you are using your desktop or laptop PC, taking full advantage of many benefits of this platform, including faster performance, larger screens, customizable controls and more.

Clash Royale For PC

Clash Royale is available today on iOS and Android, with freemium access that allows players to never pay anything, no matter how much they want to play. Even if you think it is a very difficult process to play it on PC, you should simply download the emulator. Just follow our simple guide.

Download Required:

Google Play Store

App Store

Players Review:

Clash Royale is an extremely fun game. I’m currently at about 3500 trophies. It’s a little challenging to push higher, but it’s definitely possible. The game mechanics are all great maybe there could be a little teeny bit more special challenges. The game mechanics are all great maybe there could be a little teeny bit more special challenges.

I think that you guys should really add 2v2 as a permanent feature or at least a permanent feature. if you want to play with your friends as you should always be able to 2v2 with your classmates/friends. Also, I think it should be slightly easier to get legendaries or at least ones of your choice.

Clash Royale For PC

I have gotten gift cards and that’s the only time I spend money on this game. I’ve got probably four of my eight legendary’s from paying so I think that if you really don’t have enough money/just don’t want to pay on a game.

Usually get maybe a teeny bit easier to get legendary’s like maybe legendary chests are 100 gems or 200 even 250. anyways great game just trying to voice out a few my problems with this game.

Download Clash Royale For PC:

  1. To start downloading Clash Royale for the computer, we download the emulators mentioned. Bluestacks Emulator, Nox player, and iPadian Emulator.
  2. We follow the steps requested in the installation and connect it with our GooglePlay account to follow our processes both on PC and mobile.
  3. The third and final step will be to find the game in the Store, you will find it easily just as if you were on your mobile device.
  4. Start playing our favorite game on the bigger screen of your PC.

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